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  1. UAE summons people for sharing videos of missile attack interception

    The United Arab Emirates public prosecutors' office said on Wednesday it had summoned several people for sharing videos showing defense systems intercepting Monday's missile attack by Yemen's Houthi movement.
  2. How one family's rewilding project returned lions and cheetahs to a corner of South Africa's Great Karoo

    In the Great Karoo, a vast semi-arid expanse in South Africa, lions and cheetahs once roamed. But then came farms and fences and guns. By the 1840s lions were gone; then by the 1870s, cheetahs too.
  3. Anxiety and anger grip press corps in Mexico after spate of murders

    A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. You can sign up for free right here.
  4. Leaked emails suggest Boris Johnson may have lied about evacuating animals before people from Afghanistan

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's credibility was once again thrown into doubt on Wednesday, after leaked emails appeared to contradict his claim of having no involvement in the evacuation of animals from a British charity in Afghanistan as the country fell to the Taliban and people were scrambling to find a way out.
  5. EU considers economic warfare against Russia

    As tensions grow between Ukraine and Russia, the European Union is preparing to enact sanctions against Russia in order to weaken their economy. CNN's Anna Stewart reports.

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