Disciples of Jesus Ministry

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fairfield, California

About the Disciples of Jesus Ministry

The Disciples of Jesus Ministry is a Charismatic Catholic evangelical ministry at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Fairfield, California. Our vision is commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

"go therefore, and make disciples of nations..." (Matthew 28:19).


Vision (what we are striving for):

  • We will lead the way, through parish evangelization, family renewal, and come alive in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Misison (what we do):

  • We meet in homes to pray together, grow in faith, and learn how to share our faith Jesus with others.

Values ( who we are and what we cherish):

  • We are the Disciples of Jesus Prayer Group Ministry attempting to accomplish our mission while we proceed towards our vision. We are dedicated to foster active and personal experience through participation in small prayer groups in which the "Good News of Jesus" is shared, exercised, and applied in our daily living.

Goals (strategies):

  • To open ourselves to the Holy Spirit's working in us and through us in order to grow in intimacy with the Lord, deepen our relationship with God, and grow in love with one another through witnessing with others and then share Jesus and our faith expressions so that others who listen grow in them (Prayer Meeting).
  • To foster an appreciation of God's Word in our worship and in the lives of all members or to whoever wants to attend the Bible study (Bible Study).
  • To foster greater appreciation of music as a form of prayer (Music Ministry).
  • To "minister in the body" by involving the prayer group in the needs of the neighborhood/community (Healing Ministry).
  • To raise up new leaders by fostering an experience of conversion and renewal in the heart of every participant, leading to a more active living of the Catholic life thereby deepening our Catholic identity (Life in the Spirit Seminar, Discipleship Training, Growth Seminars).
  • To foster an even deeper sense of prayer among the members (Prayer Bond).

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