Disciples of Jesus Ministry

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fairfield, California

Prayer Group System

A Disciples of Jesus Prayer Group is a small group of Christians who meet weekly in homes in the Parish, to pray together, to grow in their faith in Jesus, as His Disciples, and to learn how to share their faith in Jesus with others. As the groups grow in number of disciples, (12-15), they divide and multiply like the cells in the body.



Twelve Purposes of Discipleship Groups

    1. To Learn to Grow in an Intimate Personal Disciple Relationship with Jesus.


    2. To Learn to Have Faith and Trust in Jesus, and Give Him Control of our Life and Everyone Else's Life and Become His Disciple.


    3. To Learn to Live in the Holy Spirit in Jesus and the Father in Prayer and Fellowship in the Holy Spirit.


    4. To Learn to Evangelize to Jesus as the Good News of God the Father: the Answer to Every Question and the Solution to every Problem.


    5. To Learn to Grow in our Commitment to Jesus as our Personal Lord, God, Savior, King, and Master.


    6. To Learn to Grow in Knowledge and Love of the Word of God (Jesus) through Bible Study.


    7. To Learn to Grow in Love and Sharing with One Another as Brothers and Sisters in Jesus.


    8. To Learn to Give and Receive Support and Serve One Another and Invite Others to Come to the Prayer Groups.


    9. To Learn to Give the Holy Spirit Permission to Change and Transform us to be like Jesus.


    10. To Learn to Grow in our Love and Knowledge of our Catholic Faith in Jesus.


    11. To learn and be Equipped with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to Use Our Spiritual Gifts and Talents as Shepherds and Leaders in Ministry in the Parish.


    12. To learn Make and Multiply Disciples of Jesus, and Disciple Groups for Ministry in the Parish and be Instruments of the Holy Spirit for the Renewal and Revitalization of Our Parish.


A Disciple of Jesus is a learner, an apprentice, one who believes in and proclaims the Person and teachings of Jesus. A follower and companion of Jesus. A Person through whom the Holy Spirit wants to multiply Jesus in the world.

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